The state of Pará carries a large cultural baggage. The dances, architecture, customs, music, cuisine, everything is very old and picturesque. The population is made of various ethnic groups.

The state of Pará is the second largest state in Brazil, in terms of geographic area with approximately 1.246.833 square kilometers. It has 6.188.685 inhabitants according to the last census (2000, IBGE). It has in its territory the largest river basin in the world, the Amazon River basin, which exceeds seven million square kilometers. Its capital, Belém, has approximately 1.3 million inhabitants, The state of Pará occupies much of the Amazon and makes partof the so-called Eastern Amazon.

The state carries a large cultural baggage. The traditional dances, architecture, music, cuisine, everything is very old and picturesque. Europe, more precisely Portugal and France, spread their cultures for a very long time in the state, as well as did the indigenous people and the black Africans. The population is made of various ethnic groups.

R Rich in biodiversity. Its regions have soils and a climate very suitable for agriculture, with a great emphasis on the sector of fruit production. The native fruits are the greatest relics of the state. They are found in abundance in swampy lands and streams or on non-flooded lands. With over one hundred edible species, with exotic flavors and great nutritional power, the fruits are responsible for the indefinable, exquisite taste of the delicious traditional dishes of Pará.

These fruits are used in various fields: beyond culinary, one of them is the cosmetics industry.Currently,the state of Pará has industries that process these fruits into different types of products. Now, Brazil knows about the nutritional value of these fruits, which until recently were known only by the locals. They are now being consumed in most part of the country ¨in natura¨ or in by-products.

Besides the domestic market, the international market shows also a great interest for these fruits.The export of these products is increasingly strengthening the local economy.Among all, the acai is the most preferred fruit.

Source: Rajá Frutas

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