The Rajá Frutas line has been developed to meet the most demanding public should it be industries, distributors or end-consumers.

This product line is made of raw materials of the highest quality and undergoes a rigorous production control. According to the customer?s request, the products of this line can be pasteurized or not. They are available in packaging of 100 grams, 450 grams, 1 kilogram, 7.5 kilograms and 170 kg drums.


  • Açaí: 100g, 1kg, 7kg, drum
  • Cupuaçu: 100g, 1kg
  • Bacuri: 100g, 1kg
  • Camu-Camu: 1kg
  • Mix (Açaí with Guaraná): 1kg, 7kg, 450kg - Energy blend with two fruits from the Rainforest, one fruit enhancing the other;it makes the preparation of the famous açaí bowl easier and quicker.


100g 450g 1Kg 7,5Kg drum
de 170Kg


Nutritional information

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