Produce your products with the highest quality standards within the established deadlines, optimizing the use of our facilities, continually qualifying our employees, seeking the development ofour suppliers and the customer satisfaction in the Brazilian and international markets.
Our Mission

Who we are

AmazonfrutasPolpas de Frutas da Amazônia Ltda., known as RajáFrutas, was founded in August 1998,when its associates werein the Amazon region and recognized in the regional horticulture a great potential for the development of economic activities. Today the company´s core business is the production and sales of fruits pulps, especially açaí and cupuaçu.Since its foundation, the company has excelled in the quality of its products and its differentiated customer service. Continuously investing, the company has now two production units: one in Santa Barbara, in the state of Pará and another in Santana, in the state of Amapá.

The continuous growth of the company mainly aims at adapting to the new and different needs of each market. This is whyRajáFrutas is a company that is constantly innovating; creating new formulas and flavors and today offering a wide range of products under different brands.

For its great efforts to develop products with efficiency and quality, Amazonfrutas receives recognition from various institutions from which we can highlight:

  • ABIQUA - Brazilian Association for Quality Incentive (Awarded the following years: 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004. Nominated in 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2009);
  • Top Quality Award Brazil (June 2007);
  • ECOMEX Award (March2009).

Our Goal

To meet the increasing demand foraçaí in Brazil and abroad, RajáFrutas increased its production capacities to participate with a larger share in these markets. In addition to plain acai, the company launched a blended product: acai with guarana syrup which became quickly popular. And it shouldn´t stop there, RajáFrutas plans to continue diversifying its product range and also to produce other fruits pulps. .

Freeze-drying is a goal for the company too because we believe that the acquisition of this technology significantly extends the number of companies and customers interested in purchasing Rajá´s products. For the companies that use frozen pulps as raw material, we also intend to provide a more concentrated product that will enable them to save on shipping costs since the product will contain less water and its weigh will be diminished. The product could be easily diluted overseas without losing its quality to serve the interests of the buyer.

Another major goal of the company is to develop a franchise system of theme eateries with a great visual appeal exploring the image of Raja Frutas´ logo and the exotic touch of the açai from the Rainforest.


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