Santana do Amapá

In the State of Amapá, the company has a branch located in Santana, about 12 kilometers from Macapá, capital of the state.Despite a smaller production capacity than the main factory,this plant has the same pattern of production and it can process more than 25 tons of fruits per day.This branch has been designed and projected to meet the market needs during the inter-harvest period in the state of Pará, which occurs between January and July. The harvest season in the state of Amapá starts in April and goes on until mid-September.

This plant features a 1,400 square meters area. It has a delivery area for the fruits, a washing area, a processing and packing room, three freezing tunnels with a capacity of more than eight tons per day,a cold storage with capacity of 200 tons and pulping equipment.


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