Rajá Frutas is a Brazilian pioneer company in the processing of several fruits with a focus on açaí. With more than 20 years of existence, founded in 1998, Rajá has always prioritized the quality of its products and services, and differentiated service to its clients. It has two industrial poles, one located in Santa Bárbara do Pará, 35 km from the state capital of Pará, and the other in the city of Santana, in the state of Amapá, 21 km from Macapá.

Its headquarters is located in Santa Barbara, where it has a great infrastructure, qualified labor, and a semi-automated production line with its own technology. It always seeks to adapt to the needs of the market, meeting the requirements of the legislative and health surveillance agencies and contributing to sustainable development. Innovative, the company has an extensive list of products, with different brands, besides having customized solutions for each one of its clients. Rajá Frutas excels in the search for its suppliers and will be happy to meet new partners and clients! 

Mais do que fabricar um produto, nossa satisfação é oferecer algo que temos o grato prazer de também consumir.

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